Radial vs. The World

Radial vs. The World has rapidly become one of the most hyped and discussed classes in all of drag racing. Just a few years ago, people made fun of the small tires and the radial craze except for those who were a part of it. Now, people all across the globe pin themselves to their seats at the dragstrip or behind the computer for the live feed broadcasts to watch their favorite drivers and cars line up for battle with thousands of dollars on the line. We are proud to bring back RVW for the fifth consecutive season as our leading category to headline the Outlaw Street Car Reunion once again. With colorful personalities like Stevie ‘Fast’ Jackson to acknowledgeable nicknames like ‘The Golden Gorilla’ and ‘Enigma,’ Radial vs. The World is definitely a fan favorite for most drag racing fans this day in age. Listed below is our payout for the 2018 edition along with the class rules.


Barry Mitchell’s Chevrolet Camaro has been a crowd favorite since it’s debut out of the Tim McAmis Performance Parts stables. Packing a roots blown supercharged punch, Mitchell has been a force in the class since his debut at No Mercy in 2016.

Event Payout
Presented by: Billet Atomizer Racing Injectors, Mickey Thompson Tires & Strange Engineering

$25,000 to Win
$3,000 to Runner-Up
$1,000 to Semi-Finalists
$500 to Quarter-Finalists

$200 Entry Fee (Car & Driver)
Fully Guaranteed Purse

As of November 21, 2017

This class contests the ultimate in drag radial equipped doorslammers. The world’s quickest and fastest cars on the planet rolling on drag radials are combined in one class, Radial vs. The World, to see who stands supreme at the end of the day

The class designation is RVW. All entrants must display this designation on both sides of their car with car number.

This is a 1/8 mile heads-up class run on a .400 pro tree. The class will qualify a 32-car field and place them on a pro ladder. Alternates will be used if a racer is broken. This is a single power adder class only, no dual power adders. No minimum car count, guaranteed purse.

All NHRA/IHRA and Local Track Safety rules apply for car and driver, including the use of an oil retention device and/or engine diaper being MANDATORY. If a roots or screw supercharger is your power adder of choice, blower restraints are MANDATORY as well.

Any chassis permitted. Wheelie bars are permitted. Any transmission permitted. Dual power adders are strictly prohibited.

Mickey Thompson 315 DOT
Mickey Thompson 3062R
Mickey Thompson 3362R

All minimums are with car and driver.

SB Naturally Aspirated – No Weight
BB Naturally Aspirated – 2,100 lbs.

SB Nitrous – 2,200 lbs.
BB Nitrous – 2,250 lbs. (4.840 Bore Spacing)
BB Nitrous – 2,300 lbs. (5.000 Bore Spacing)
BB Nitrous – 2,350 lbs. (Over 5.000 Bore Spacing)

SB Single Turbo – 2,400 lbs.
SB Twin Turbo (Stock Bore Spacing) – 2,400 lbs.
SB Twin Turbo (Non-Stock Bore Spacing) – 2,500 lbs.
SB Twin Turbo (500 Cu. In.+) – 2,850 lbs.
-150 lbs. for Cast Block/Cast Head with SB Twin Turbo combination.
-150 lbs. for Inline Head on SB Twin Turbo Combination (Cannot Combine with Cast Block/Head Rule)

SB ProCharger – 2,400 lbs.
BB ProCharger – 2,600 lbs.
BB Twin ProCharger – 2,900 lbs.

BB Single Turbo – 2,575 lbs.
BB Twin Turbo (4.840 Stock Bore Spacing, No 481X/HEMI) – 2,800 lbs.
BB Twin Turbo (102mm and Smaller) – 2,950 lbs.
BB Twin Turbo (106mm and Larger) – 3,000 lbs.

4 Cylinder Combination – 1,950 lbs. (Production Engines Only)
6 Cylinder Combination – 2,500 lbs. (Production Engines Only

SB Screw Blower – 2,400 lbs.
BB Roots Blower – 2,600 lbs.
BB Screw Blower – 2,925 lbs.

+50 lbs. for any Pro Mod Chassis (BB Twin Turbo or Screw Blown Combinations Only) – Tech Discretion
-50 lbs. for Stock Wheelbase (Does Not Apply to Roots Blower Combination)
-50 for Stock Suspension (Suspension for Year, Make, Model Car Only)

*** Rules are subject to review at any time. We are going to do our best to keep the racing as tight and competitive for all combinations throughout the entire 2017 season. ***
*** Rules from RaceDXP.com

Photo Credit: James Sisk Photography and E3Xtreme
Video Credit: TheRacingVids

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