No Time – Extreme 28″

New for 2018!

Jay Payso from Payso Productions and Tyler Crossnoe of Speed Promotions, LLC have joined forces to bring the first ever no time shootout to the Holley EFI Outlaw Street Car Reunion brand. This shootout will be unique in that it’s a 16 car field, invitation only by the dual promoters and a $500.00 buy-in fee for the car and driver. All entry fees go to the purse and Speed Promotions is going to throw $2,000.00 on top of the post to boast $10,000.00 to the event winner! More details will be coming soon about the event schedule and how the exciting No Time scene will incorporate itself into the class world with the Outlaw Street Car Reunion V.

Event Payout
Presented by: Diamond Pistons

$10,000 to Win
$500 Buy-In
16 Car Field, Invite Only

The Elite 16…

1. Trump Train / TeamnorthamericA
2. Savage / Phil Bohley
3. Holy Ghost / Rich McCarren
4. Dirty Bird / Patrick Clenney
5. Jason Richards
6. Section 8 / Curtis Martin & Kevin Connolly
7. The Phoenix / Bill Lutz
8. Food Stamps / Ryan Hendrickson
9. DaRula 2.0 / Herb
10. Shootout King / Keith Szabo
11. Bad9er / Kyle Huettel
12. The Huffa / Heath Littrell
13. Lawyer / Dwight Moore
14. Capone / Michael Rossiter
15. Armageddon / Justin ‘Lil’ Country’ Swanstrom

As of January 1, 2018

No class cars. Entry must have not lit the scoreboards within 365 days of the event. If car has shown a time since April 18, 2017, it is automatically disallowed to compete in the shootout. .400 Pro Tree. 1/8th Mile Finish.

16 Car Field. $500.00 Buy-In (non-refundable) and $10,000.00 to the last man standing.

All NHRA safety rules apply for the combination. The use of an oil retention device (belly pan or engine diaper) is mandatory.

Removable panels are permitted. Factory appearing body, must be within stock dimensions, no one-piece modified bodies or front ends to achieve wheelbase or overhang numbers. Extenders are permitted within NHRA overhang rules.

Any engine combination. Any power adder. Any transmission/torque converter.

Stock wheelbase must be in tact (+/- 2 inches). Any rear suspension (stock configuration, ladder bar, 4-link, torque arm, IRS, etc.). No Wheelie Bars.

28W Bias-Ply Slick, 275 Drag Radial or smaller.

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