Event History

While the Outlaw Street Car Reunion is moving into its fifth year of existence, the past four seasons have featured some of the most memorable moments and big names emerging victorious in drag radial history. From Jason Michalak’s 3.97 national record in the snow to the various winners across all the categories, the fifth running of the Holley EFI Outlaw Street Car Reunion will add to the rich history that is continually building each and every season.

Once you have emerged victorious in the main event at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion, you will enter the OSCR Hall of Fame. We at Speed Promotions, LLC feel that winning one of the top events in the country is a hard fought accomplishment that should be respected and acknowledged every year forward. Once you earn your position in the OSCR Hall of Fame, you will receive your lifetime HOF card, which acknowledges your team will receive a FREE class entry tech card for every future Outlaw Street Car Reunion until the event ceases existence. FREE tech card for life at OSCR if you emerge victorious! Find that at any other event!

Did you miss a past Outlaw Street Car Reunion event and wonder what you missed? Click on the links below to see yearly results and the current OSCR Hall of Fame members.

OSCR Hall of Fame

2017 Event Results
2016 Event Results
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2014 Event Results