For the upcoming fifth edition of the Outlaw Street Car Reunion, we are excited to announce that we are carrying our eight core classes over into the new year with no changes to the lineup. The addition of the ProStreet Motorcycle category filled a void that we had in the year’s past. By not changing our line-up, we hope to be able to focus on markets that we are already familiar with and build the car counts for the 2018 season. Our brand of racing is very popular right now with the drag radial, small tire craze getting as much following as ever with numerous media outlets and more focusing more and more on radial racing. The sportsman index program is one that has built over the past few seasons as one of the top races for sportsman racers, even branded as the Sportsman Super Bowl by numerous racers that filled the pits in years past. The new ProStreet Motorcycle class is the newest market for the Outlaw Street Car Reunion juggernaut and it is quickly become a fan favorite all within a few months.

Find your class below, click the link to your particular section and learn more about your class at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion V in 2018.

Mid-West Pro Mod Series
Radial vs. The World
Limited Drag Radial
Ultra Street
Extreme 28″ – No Time
Pro Street Motorcycle
6.00 Index
7.00 Index