Payso Productions & Diamond Pistons Name Slots #9-12 for the 28″ No Time Shootout!

With the first half of the Elite 16 field already selected, the next four positions are now available for public release! With 8 of the toughest no time racers in the country already committed to the Holley EFI Outlaw Street Car Reunion V at Beech Bend Raceway Park on April 18-22nd, the next four are arguably making this the most competitive 28″ No Time shootout to date with Diamond Pistons on board to see it all go down!

Food Stamps

First out in this announcement is one racer who had arguably one of the most successful in the shootout game in 2017, Ryan Hendrickson and his twin turbocharged Ford Mustang, codenamed Food Stamps. With an all business attitude, Hendrickson and team won a host of shootouts in 2017 on radials, small tire slicks and big tire slicks in the no prep series. With a handful of trophies already on the shelf, Food Stamps has proven to be a winner and one to reckon when there is big money on the line.

DaRula 2.0

Second up is one of, if not, the toughest nitrous car sitting on 28″ tires, DaRula 2.0! Herb and team have made their case over the last year winning shootouts and a number of huge payment grudge races. With a team like DaRula tossing their name in the hunt, this Diamond Pistons-sponsored shootout will be one of the quickest and fastest ever assembled with an elite field like this and the gorgeous first generation, nitrous huffing Camaro will definitely be one to watch on April 18-22nd.

The Shootout King

Third up, the shoot out king, Keith Szabo. Szabo moved out of the class racing scene a few years ago and has been extremely successful, winning nearly every shootout that he pulled through the gates at. In 2017, Szabo continued his winning ways on 28s and also taking home a host of no prep event wins in the small tire classes across the country. Can Szabo bring his twin turbocharged fox body to Bowling Green and slide by a tough field of racers for yet another shootout victory?

Bad9er Racing

None other than the big Texan, Kyle Huettel is going to round out the #12 slot in the Diamond Pistons 28″ No Time Shootout, presented by: Payso Productions. Bad9er Racing took some time away and came back with their tried and true ’02 Camaro huffing a big inch nitrous bullet between the frame rails around mid-year in 2017. Ever since the return of the popular drag radial star and car, Bad9er Racing has turned heads in the no time world with their consistent and fast laps.

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen, the troublesome twelve is now selected! Next week, we will announce the last four positions in the popular shootout, presented by: Diamond Pistons, that looks to be full of bears and does not look to be slowing down any before race day on April 18-22nd at the historic Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The Elite 16:
1. Trump Train / TeamnorthamericA
2. Savage / Phill Bohley
3. Holy Ghost / Rich McCarren
4. Dirty Bird / Patrick Clenney
5. Boost12 / Joey Rabiola
6. Jason Richards
7. Section 8 / Curtis Martin
8. The Phoenix / Bill Lutz
9. Food Stamps / Ryan Hendrickson
10. DaRula 2.0 / Herb
11. The Shootout King / Keith Szabo
12. Bad9er Racing / Kyle Huettel

Photo Credit: Mike Pryka Photography, Free Life Films and James Sisk Photography

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